Crewe Model Boat Club

We acquired several models over the years and displayed them at shows we attended.

All the models have now been sold.

Lady Jan

This model was donated by the late Bill Handy. His first model from the Mobile Marine hull and plans. Originally named Daniel and sailed for many years towing barges, The model was restored and renamed Lady Jan and has been exhibited at shows attended over the years. We have now sold the model.

Model Tugs for Children to sail

When attending shows we allowed the public the opportunity to sail our selection of model tugs. Bill Lucy provided a fibreglass hull with running gear based on my Libeccio hull and several members then constructed a top to suit. They were very popular with the young children and hopefully encouraged them to take up the hobby. We no longer own the models which have all been sold to Club Members.

HMS Viper Live steam destroyer

This all metal model was donated to the club and we intended to restore to working condition. On inspection the work involved was considerable and expensive. A club member was interested in the model and purchased it from the club and is now restoring.

Football Tugs

We competed in the Football tug matches at the Model Boat Convention and had four of these tugs. We no longer have the models which have all been sold

Boston Typhoon

The picture is of a completed model. We had the hull and kit, donated by the late Bill Handy in a partially complete form, with the intention of completing the build. We have now sold the model.